Jul 06, 2022

The ICMC 2022 is the first international commercial mediation competition held entirely in English in Vietnam. ICMC 2022 is one of the very few mediation competitions that have been held in the world. The 2022 ICMC is co-organised by Vietnam Mediation Centre -VMC, a division of Vietnam International Arbitration Centre - VIAC and Faculty of International Trade and Business Law, Hanoi Law University - HLU. The competition is open to all students studying from the same university or any tertiary institution across the country.

ICMC 2022 is held from May 2022 to September 2022 with the rounds and many activities such as seminars or workshops. All rounds are organized with the desire to promote the use of mediation as a popular alternative dispute resolution method today. So, the cases used for ICMC have been designed to test participants’s knowledge and skills, and substantive challenges that may arise a mediation. In addition, the competition focuses on the ability of the advocate to use his skills for handling and resolving disputes in the mediation process.
ICMC promises to attract the attention of a large number of candidates nationwide with the participation of the judges who are prestigious domestic and international experts, providing a useful playground and equipment for conducting the competition. With ICMC, students can practice the essential skills and gain a deeper understanding of the method of dispute resolution by mediation in the field of international trade. The organizing committee hopes that ICMC will be able to lay the foundation for activities to promote the development of commercial mediation in the future, creating international commercial mediation solutions widely used by enterprises, businessmen and communities in Vietnam.
* Registration by each Competing Team must contain the following information:
- Curriculum vitae of each member of the Competing Team;
- Phone numbers and contact emails of each member of the Competing Team;
- Short introduction (under 350 words) of the Competing Team;
- Photo of the Competing Team and each member of the Team along with the Team's favorite motto.
* The Registration shall be sent via:
- Email icmc.mediation@gmail.com (contact address); or
VMC-HLU International Commercial Mediation Competition - ICMC
Hotline: Ms. Nguyen Mai Thu: 085 866 4863
                Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Hong Duong: 083 508 2692

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