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Vietnam International Arbitration Centre


Vietnam Mediation Centre (VMC), which operates as a division of Vietnam International Arbitration Centre (VIAC), was officially established in accordance with Decision No. 279/QĐ-VIAC dated 27 April, 2018 of the President of VIAC. VMC is the first unit in Vietnam to provide professional commercial mediation service under the Decree No. 22/2017/ND-CP dated 24 February 2017 on Commercial Mediation. With experienced and creditable Mediation as well as the professional Secretariat, VMC expects to be the leading mediation organization.

Our History

Sharing several traits with commercial arbitration, commercial mediation is considered one of the most well-received alternative dispute resolution methods in recent years. New provisions on the recognition of out-of-court settlement agreement under Chapter 33 of the Code of Civil Procedure in 2015 and Decree No. 22/2017/ND-CP on Commercial Mediation have laid the groundwork for commercial mediation mechanism in Vietnam. With the aforementioned highlights of the legal system, dispute resolution through commercial mediation at Vietnam International Arbitration Centre (VIAC) – initially established and constructed with international standards since 2007 – and the development of commercial mediation in Vietnam have now been equipped with a solid legal framework.

In compliance with the newly promulgated provisions, in order to provide commercial dispute resolution services, VIAC officially established Vietnam Mediation Centre (VMC) following Decision No. 279/QĐ-VIAC dated 27 April 2018 of the President of VIAC. Subsequently, on 29 May 2018, VIAC hosted the Launching Ceremony of VMC in Hanoi and released the 2018 Mediation Rules and introduced its first 11 Mediators in VMC’s List of Mediators, who are reputable experts in many fields of commercial activities. VMC is the first centre in Vietnam to provide professional service of commercial mediation under Decree No. 22/2017/ND-CP dated 24 February 2017 on commercial mediation.

Our mission

Areas of Operation

The Centre is prescribed to resolve the following disputes through mediation:

1. Disputes between parties arising out of commercial activities;

2. Disputes between parties in which at least one of them conducts commercial activities;

3. Other disputes between parties permitted by law to be resolved by mediation.


Promoting the development of disputes settlement through mediation in accordance with law in a fair, convenient and effective manner.

Duties of the Centre

1. Organizing dispute settlement through mediation as prescribed by law; providing administrative, facilities and other support during the process;

2. Organizing workshops, professional training, research, promotion, and other activities in order to promote the development of mediation in Vietnam.

Organization Chart

Vietnam Mediation Centre (VMC) is a division of Vietnam International Arbitration Centre (VIAC).

Organizational structure of the Centre includes:

  1. Board of Directors;
  2. VMC Secretariat;
  3. Department of Promotion and Training;
  4. Science Council;
  5. Other divisions.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors (BOD) of Vietnam Mediation Centre (VMC) consists of a group individuals including Director, Permanent Deputy Director and other Deputy Directors. All members of BOD are appointed by the President of Vietnam International Arbitration Centre (VIAC), which their term of office is three years.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS (2018 - 2021 Term of office)





Acting Director

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Attorney at law, FCIArb

Deputy Director

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Deputy Director

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Our Offices


  • Address: 6th Floor, VCCI Tower, No.9 Dao Duy Anh St., Dong Da Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Phone Number: (+84)24 3 574 3001 hoặc (+84)24 3 574 6916 | Fax: (+84)24 3 574 3001
  • Email: vmc@viac.org.vn


  • Address: 5th Floor, VCCI Building, no. 171 Vo Thi Sau St., District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Phone Number: (+84)28 3 932 1632 hoặc (+84) 28 3 932 9555 | Fax: (+84)28 3 932 0119
  • Email: vmc@viac.org.vn


Because of the close working relationship with arbitrators who refer cases to the firm and the high level of service it provides, many arbitrator actually view the AlderLaw staff as an extension of their own office, and many clients refer to the VIAC staff as their extended family.

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