VMC listed mediator shared about mediation in training course held by VCCI

Sep 28, 2023

On September 15, 2023, at the Ho Chi Minh City Branch of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ms. Hoang Nguyen Ha Quyen – Attorney and VMC’s Listed Mediator – has her sharing as a part of the Training Course CEO. 4.0 2023 organized by VCCI.  

The training course had more than 140 CEOs and business representatives as participants, with its contents covering several practical matters. In addition to leadership and management skills and dispute resolutions, internal conflicts in enterprises and conflicts between businesses also arrested participants’ attention and enthusiasm. Ms. Hoang Nguyen Ha Quyen – Attorney and VMC’s Listed Mediator – delivered her sharing in the session “Resolving Business’s Internal and External Disagreements – Conflicts with Negotiation and Mediation Skills”. 


In the presentation, Ms. Quyen pointed out how to identify disagreements and conflicts between personnel in the enterprises, as well as those occurring during the day-to-day businesses between enterprises. Accordingly, disagreements and conflicts regarding points of view and opinions among personnel are common, and it is necessary to skillfully handle these to enhance the human resources systems. The same approach is applied to enterprise-enterprise disputes that business administrative authority should pay attention to.  

After the introduction to disagreements and conflicts, Ms. Quyen proposed approaches to prevent and resolve conflicts. In addition to discussing and negotiating solely between involved parties toward the final consensus, mediation – with the participation of the mediator – is also a recommended method to resolve disputes. With her experience as a mediator at VMC, Ms. Quyen provided basic knowledge of mediation, including the advantages of mediation, mediation procedures, and keynotes for enterprise representatives when participating the mediation, specifically intra-enterprise mediation and inter-enterprise mediation.  

Besides delivering her presentation, Ms. Quyen and enterprise representatives had a fruitful discussion and conversation on internal dispute resolutions. At the end of the session, Ms. Quyen expressed her hope that the presentation and sharing within the training courses were helpful to the administrative bodies in enterprises, as well as the enterprises in general, to efficiently prevent and resolve internal disputes, consequently, enhance the management quality. 

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